It's the Hypocrisy, not the Act

Eighteen years ago, while at a fundraising event the then teacher, current Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, allegedly groped a female newspaper reporter. The accusations are vague, and the statements reactions are changing seemingly by the hour. I’m not here to parse out that whole situation. There are so many things for which I think Justin Trudeau is a poor leader and an immature and immoral man that the one for which he is finally being recognized as such is, at l

Engaging the Culture

At Rebel Alliance Media we seek to equip Christians to be able engage culture with a Biblical worldview. This begs the question, “What is culture?” What is this thing that we are supposed to engage? How does one recognize it when they see it? Before we answer these questions, we need to back up one step and define another closely related term: Religion. When we talk about religion we are forced to separate it into (at least) two categories: First, there is formal religion; th

Taylor, the Tiger and Twitter...

T-Swift, The Tiger and Twitter? What do Taylor Swift, Tom Cruise, Tiger Woods and Tom Hanks all have in common? They all have names starting with the letter T? Well yes they do but that is not what I was going to say, but I appreciate that you were paying attention. No what they have in common is.. Drum roll please…. Nothing at all as far as I can tell, except that they all have five hundred times (at least) as many followers on twitter than Theologian John Piper. They all h

We are the Problem

Yesterday (Monday, April 23rd) was supposed to be yet another ‘rapture date’ set by prophecy pundits, and instead of a rapture we got another vehicular tragedy in Canada. I planned to write about the missed rapture, but with this tragedy littering so many of my friends news feeds I thought it might be helpful to shift my focus. What happened? A 25 year old man named Alek Minassian used a van as a weapon and drove into the crowded streets of Toronto, killing 10 and injuring 15