More Laws, More Injustice

Every now and again in our American culture the local towns-people get all excited about something; pitchforks and all. Sometimes their excitement is just and warranted. Other times not. What I've noticed though, is that the demands of the mob are usually the same. Usually they lay a foundation of violated rights because who can argue against a ‘right’? Then, because of such violations, there must be regulations: laws, and policies put into place, so that, said rights are no

Engaging the Culture

At Rebel Alliance Media we seek to equip Christians to be able engage culture with a Biblical worldview. This begs the question, “What is culture?” What is this thing that we are supposed to engage? How does one recognize it when they see it? Before we answer these questions, we need to back up one step and define another closely related term: Religion. When we talk about religion we are forced to separate it into (at least) two categories: First, there is formal religion; th