Logs and Specks

I don’t get into too many Facebook battles, but for better or for worse it is an area of cultural engagement for Christians these days. In this particular instance I was commenting in support of a friend's post on the irony of the left’s inability to grasp the infinitely more troubling nature of the current abortion crisis versus the, now a number of weeks old, though still ongoing, immigration ‘crisis’ where a number of children were being separated from their parents who we

A Tale of Suffering Retold

When we find ourselves face to face with the deepest loss a human can imagine, where do we turn? Is there anyone or anything that can give us answers? Is there any balm that can soothe the anguish of a soul? The Christian ought to shout emphatically, “YES!”. We have 66 books which point us to the grand narrative in God’s word. From God’s creation, man’s rebellion, Jesus’ redemption and the promise of the reconciliation of all things, we have this hope amidst a torrent of chao

Forgiveness isn't pain free

Today in my devotions I came across a familiar story that always seems to leave an impact. It is the story of King David who sins by murdering Uriah in order to have Bathsheba for himself. In this story found in 2 Samuel 11-12 David commits murder (Uriah) and adultery (Bathsheba).. two of those sins we seem to elevate above most others. David acknowledges that the one who has done such a thing deserves to die (2 Samuel 12:5), but in the end Nathan (the prophet in the story) s

We are the Problem

Yesterday (Monday, April 23rd) was supposed to be yet another ‘rapture date’ set by prophecy pundits, and instead of a rapture we got another vehicular tragedy in Canada. I planned to write about the missed rapture, but with this tragedy littering so many of my friends news feeds I thought it might be helpful to shift my focus. What happened? A 25 year old man named Alek Minassian used a van as a weapon and drove into the crowded streets of Toronto, killing 10 and injuring 15