Logs and Specks

I don’t get into too many Facebook battles, but for better or for worse it is an area of cultural engagement for Christians these days. In this particular instance I was commenting in support of a friend's post on the irony of the left’s inability to grasp the infinitely more troubling nature of the current abortion crisis versus the, now a number of weeks old, though still ongoing, immigration ‘crisis’ where a number of children were being separated from their parents who we

Taylor, the Tiger and Twitter...

T-Swift, The Tiger and Twitter? What do Taylor Swift, Tom Cruise, Tiger Woods and Tom Hanks all have in common? They all have names starting with the letter T? Well yes they do but that is not what I was going to say, but I appreciate that you were paying attention. No what they have in common is.. Drum roll please…. Nothing at all as far as I can tell, except that they all have five hundred times (at least) as many followers on twitter than Theologian John Piper. They all h