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Behold Your King Advent - Week 1: Day 3


Scripture Reading

Isaiah 9:2-3

Narrative Reading

Luke 2:1-20

Devotional Reading

While the Shepherds are out, tending to their flocks in the darkness, the Angel of the Lord appeared to them. He said, “fear not”. The fear experienced by the shepherds is an appropriate response. They were walking in darkness and living in a land cursed by spiritual darkness. They were not fit to behold the glory of God. No one born under the curse of darkness should expect to see God’s glory and live ( Exodus 33:20). The following proclamation from the Angel, “fear not and behold”, is an invitation to know the Great Light (John 8:12).

This miracle of Christ’s incarnation is made evident in the mercy shown to all those that are able to behold His glory and live.



  1. Why do you think that the shepherds feared the glory of God?

  2. How did the command from the Angel to “fear not”, but “behold”, alleviate their fears?

  3. Who is called the Light of the world and why?

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