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Behold Your King Advent - Week 2: Day 5


Scripture Reading

Isaiah 11:1-11

Narrative Reading

Matthew 2:1-12

Devotional Reading

The shoot of Jesse, promised in Isaiah, had taken root and was residing in Bethlehem. It was sitting on the lap of his mother when the wise men had arrived to visit him. The wise men knew that Jesus was the true “King of the Jews”, the promised one. After offering to him their gifts, they returned to their home in the East.

The promised “shoot of Jesse” had now taken root in their hearts. As a root system twists and winds deep throughout the earth, the good news of King Jesus was also being germinated by the wise men. The news of Jesus’ coming had only just begun to spread, but soon His fame would be and brought to all nations of the Earth.



  1. Jesus is referred to as the shoot of whom?

  2. From where did the wise men travel?

  3. Where did the wise men go after they visited Jesus?

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