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Behold Your King Advent - Week 3: Day 1


Scripture Reading

Numbers 24:17

Narrative Reading

Luke 1:26-38

Devotional Reading

The promises of Numbers 24:17 were the destruction of the Israel’s enemies by one brought forth from Jacob. When the angel appeared to Mary, he unfolded and explained God’s plan to her; how her newly conceived son would be the one to reign over the house of Jacob forever. Mary’s response was, "let it be to me according to your word". The Word that would become flesh and dwell among us, was the promised ruler from Jacob, the crusher of the head of the enemies of God. The only way for God to truly redeem His people would be through the final defeat of Satan and sin. This was why Jesus was born, to save His people from their sin and to take back the nations.



  1. How long would Mary’s son reign over the house of Jacob?

  2. How did Mary respond to the news of Jesus?

  3. Did Jesus come to save the nations, or to crush His enemies?

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