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Behold Your King Advent - Week 4: Day 1

Updated: Dec 16, 2019


Scripture Reading

Revelation 5:5-10

Narrative Reading

Luke 1:26-38

Devotional Reading

The fears that Mary initially experienced quickly subsided after hearing Gabriel's promise. The promise of the newborn King and of His great and eternal rule caused her heart to rejoice in song.

Her Son would one day be slain to ransom His people from their sin. He alone is worthy to sit at the right hand of God's throne and rule all the nations. We are not certain of the full extent of Mary's comprehension of this promise, however, we do know that it caused her to have peace in the presence of the angel, and to worship God with song.

The same response is noted of John and of the heavenly creatures mentioned in Revelation. When they witnessed Jesus’ ability to open the sealed scroll, their fears subside and they begin to sing. BECAUSE OF KING JESUS our hearts are also motivated to worship in song because of the redemption He brings. He instills peace where there was once only fear.


  1. Why do you think Mary had cause for fear?

  2. How does Mary respond to the good news given to her by the angel?

  3. Why is it important that we rejoice and worship God in song?

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