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Behold Your King Advent - Week 4: Day 5


Scripture Reading

Psalm 2:7-8

Narrative Reading

Matthew 2:1-12

Devotional Reading

The nations are a heritage belonging to Jesus, given to Him by the Father. The wise men’s allegiance to Jesus commenced the international redemption of the nations. The ends of the Earth belong to the Christ child. Those that align themselves to Him continue to extend the gospel's reach into the uttermost parts of the Earth.

After an encounter with Jesus, the wise men’s response is to return to their home and spread the news of Christ’s Kingship there. The Great Commission in Matthew 28:19 encourages us to continue to bring the good news of the gospel to all the nations by disciplining them.



  1. Who gave Jesus the nations?

  2. How far should the good news of the gospel spread?

  3. How can we continue to spread the gospel of Jesus?

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