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More Laws, More Injustice

Every now and again in our American culture the local towns-people get all excited about something; pitchforks and all. Sometimes their excitement is just and warranted. Other times not. What I've noticed though, is that the demands of the mob are usually the same. Usually they lay a foundation of violated rights because who can argue against a ‘right’? Then, because of such violations, there must be regulations: laws, and policies put into place, so that, said rights are no longer violated. Sound familiar? I doubt this cycle is unfamiliar to anyone. But it's terrible. It’s a road we don't want to go down. There is, however, a way to respond that isn't terrible for everyone. A short lesson on rights is apt. First, to claim something as a right is akin to those who claim, “God told me”, when talking about a life decision. It's checkmate. Who can counter what God has said? It's a way to win the game before you even start playing. So, we must define terms. If something is a right, that means everyone else is obligated to give it to you. So, if life is a right then everyone else is obligated to protect your possession of it. To unlawfully take it from you is an injustice, therefore, murder is illegal. Everyone is obligated to protect your life. This protection is chiefly done by the governing authorities. Thus, you are arrested for murder if you violate someone's right to life.

The wrong way to claim rights was also seen recently. We saw an uproar in the state of Washington over housing for homeless people. As you watched the crowds, they were chanting that housing was a right. If it is, then who is obligated to give them their right? We are. And this was the very solution the liberal thinkers came up with. Their idea was to enact a head tax on companies and use that money to build housing for the homeless. This housing would be free for the homeless, though certainly not free for everyone else. But who says whether housing is a right? Is it the mob? Where do we determine our inalienable rights? Where does it stop? Every new right demands more laws. The demand for more law reveals some poignant things about our culture. First, fixing this injustice creates another one. An erroneous tax like this is extortion dressed up in virtuous clothes. Plus, there's no speed governor on this legislative 18-wheeler. Laws will continue to force others to make goods and hand over money because the crowd was really loud and wouldn't go away. Even though people reject the Creator God and His perfect law, when they see ‘injustice’, they always scream for a law. The way laws are written in America is not determined by whether it lines up with our Creator, but if we can scream the loudest or manipulate the narrative to show that something unconstitutional is happening. If we can show that something unAmerican is happening, we can get a law written. The inescapable reality is that we long for God. We long to be governed. Tragedy is when we reject the One whose law brings life.

Let your mercy come to me, that I may live; for your law is my delight. - Psalm 119:77

Instead we look more like...

When a land transgresses, it has many rulers, but with a man of understanding and knowledge, its stability will long continue. - Proverbs 28:2

A growing number of laws, rulers and bureaucracy, over a people is not the result of societal advancement, but rather a sign of a land’s transgressions. Man’s law is a terror. There's no objectivity so it never ends. That which is thought to make life easier to live actually continues to spiral down into tyranny. The only one who can fulfill the job description, “God”, is God Himself. No government, society, political group, or majority can do better. Only God's law is perfect and just.

Don't plead for more law and scream "my rights", plead for God’s standard.

God’s law limits big government and frees the people up to charity work and giving to the poor. Consider this: In God's law, farmers were allowed to harvest one time, and what was left in the field was left for the poor and widows. Today, if a major vegetable company owns your green bean field, you are not allowed to follow God's law. The company purchases a certain number of pounds of green beans from your field and once they get their requirement, no matter what's left over, you are not allowed to do anything with the rest. You have to be done with your field and get it ready for next year. It's the law. So, which one would you prefer? God's law or man’s? So, when we see injustice, call higher. Back up your cries with something that has weight to it. If you get your party to bend, next term another party will bend it back. But God's law never changes and is everlasting. God's standards are permanent. God’s law is just and perfect and wise. He tells us what our rights are, and no one can say otherwise because there isn't anyone higher than God. If we want true, lasting change, we must lay our foundation on the rock, not the sand.

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