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Given recent events regarding the spread of COVID-19 we wanted to encourage everyone to use wisdom and prudence. We understand that The Prepared Table encourages you to buy groceries and invite people into your home to share a meal together. One of the most foundational ethics to the Christian life is to love your neighbor. Whatever that looks like in your specific situation, it certainly supersedes but might not exclude our Easter devotional and feasting guide.

Though groceries and quarantines may alter the recipe and hospitality portion of the guide, we would encourage you to utilize your time together (who ever you may be in close proximity to) wisely. During the Passover, amid a quarantine of sorts, the Israelites found rest in partaking in the lamb's feast; the same principle may be applied today. Whatever resources you may have, whatever company you find yourself in, employ all of it as well as this devotional guide to glorify the Lord of the feast.

-Reformed Rebel Network

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